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Fitness and Fatness

Evidence is coming to light that it might not be disasterous to be somewhat fat but, from a health perspective, the real damage is done by being unfit.

Quite simply, people who look after their fitness levels enjoy longer lives than people who don't.

If enjoying a longer life is an insufficient reason to persuade you to get fit, here is another one.

Fit people have a better quality of life than unfit people.

A fit 70-year-old walks erect, can play golf and tennis, enjoy swimming and participate in athletics events if they wish to.

An unfit person of the same age shuffles along and can do little more than make television the center of their lives.

Keeping fit and eating correctly when you are younger gives you the potential to enjoy your life fully as you get older.

Too little calcium in your diet and too little physical activity - necessary to build your bone-mass - leads to weakened bones. If your bones are weak, you end up unable to support your body properly and you may need artificial aids to help you to get around.

Think about cars. Compare a well looked after car with one that is neglected. They both run well in their early years. When they're older, however, the neglected vehicle falls to bits while the well-maintained one continues to eat the miles.

Keeping yourself fit keeps you from falling apart. It conditions your body and improves your strength, endurance and cardiovascular health.

To be fit takes only about 60 minutes per week. You won't be fit enough to compete in athletic events but you will be fit enough to enjoy a better quality of life.

One hour out of 168 hours in a week isn't too much to ask is it? And the returns are worth more than any amount of money - good health and a high quality of life - even in your old age.

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Consult a physician before changing your diet or beginning an exercise program.