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Nutrition for Good Health

Your body is a fantastic collection of proteins. These are assembled into biomachines - living cells acting together to make you the person you are.

Your body is surprisingly undemanding. All it asks is that you provide it with oxygen, food and water. It's also happiest if you move around a bit. For sanity's sake there's another demand - you should occasionally use your brain.

Like any machine, your body operates on the rubbish in - rubbish out principle. Even so, it's more forgiving than a computer. Feed one wrong letter into a computer code of billions of letters and the computer will crash. Eat too many hamburgers and - well, no harm done - not in the short term anyway.

Your body and your mind work more efficiently though if you feed them the fuel they truly desire.

Your body has a shopping list of proteins, vitamins and minerals. If you can fulfil this list, your body will reward you with:

  • Fewer days' illness.
  • Fewer days when you feel tired.
  • More days when you feel on top of everything.
  • Fewer days when you feel unhappy.
  • Higher intelligence.

Higher intelligence you say? How can that be so? Well, I speak from experience. My five year old son was not learning to count and read very well. Nor was he socializing well with other children.

Last year I read some of the research carried out on Omega 3 oils. Omega oils - one in particular called EPA - is a vital component in our brains. It's needed to transmit messages between brain cells. If we have too little Omega 3 our brains function less well.

Fish is our best source of Omega 3 oils. Many biologists believe one of the reasons human intelligence evolved to be much higher than other apes is because our ancestors lived on shorelines, eating lots of oily fish.

Well, we got our son a supply of pure Omega 3 - high in EPA and another oil called DHA. The difference these oils have made to my son has been remarkable. He is now socializing well, reading well, counting well and taking an interest in brain-intensive activities.

Similar results have been recorded in thousands of children in Great Britain.

So Omega 3 oils is a perfect example of how our minds and bodies perform much better if we provide them with proper nutrition.

By ensuring your body's nutritional needs are met fully, both your body and mind will reward you by performing at a higher level than you ever thought possible.

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Consult a physician before changing your diet or beginning an exercise program.