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Sport and Recreation for Health

Why should sport make you healthier?

It's simple - taking part in sport for an hour a week keeps you fit. If you are fit, you should live longer and have a higher quality of life.

Most of us aren't too happy keeping fit for the sake of it. In the bad old days, keeping fit meant military-style calisthenics - and there's very little fun in that.

Nowadays there are more enjoyable ways of raising your heart rate and keeping your body well maintained.

If you like, you could join an aerobics class. If you don't want to shake your thing in front of lots of people, you can buy aerobics DVDs and get fit in the privacy of your own home.

Better still, get some social contact in your recreation. There's plenty of research now telling us that having lots of friendly social contacts leads to a longer, healthier life. What you need to look for are activities involving physical activity with friends. Tennis, golf or any teams sports are absolutely ideal. And if you hate the thought of sport, try dancing regularly with friends. Disco, barn-dance or even old style waltzing - they are all highly social ways of exercising that should lead to you enjoying a longer, more fulfilling life. So get up and get active.

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Consult a physician before changing your diet or beginning an exercise program.